Sleeve Box

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With a SLEEVE BOX, the loading capacity is DOUBLED. 

~Improving transportation efficiency in anticipation of the "Workstyle Reform-related Laws" coming into effect in April 2024

Sleeve box is a large box that surrounds the pallet with the goods already loaded. It allows for a two-tired stacking of goods, ensuring protection and significantly contributing to the effciency of product protection, packing, loading, and unloading onto trucks. This leads to a notable enhancement in transport efficiency. Additionally, it reduces waste such as strech film and PP bands, contributing to emvironmental sustainalility.

Under the "Workstyle Reform Law", starting from April 2024, the annual limit for overtime hours for driving tasks in the transportation industry will be restricted to 960 hours. The various impacts arising from these changes on the logistics sector are collectively referred to as the "2024 ISSUE."

New product


You can make effetice use of the upper space in the truck cargo. It's a sleeve box that allows precise STACKing.

Among our sleeve box series, this is the lightest, reducing the workload. With the ability to double the cargo capaciry in trucks, it significantly improves transportation effeciency.


RISU Space Rack TypeC
RISU Space Rack TypeM

This sleeve box surrounds cargo while it's on a pallet. It allows for double stacking while protecting the cargo, thus improving truck load efficiency and aiding in warehouse storage space optimization.

RISU Space Cargo TypeL

This sleeve box placed over cargo while it's on a pallet. The two outer panels are integrated, making assembly a smooth process.

RISU Space Cargo / RISU Space Rack

This sleeve box placed over cargo while it's on a pallet. The outer panels are divided into four sections.

Resin Frame Sleeve Box TypeⅠ

Due to the resin frame, in enhances rigidity, making it a high-capacity sleeve box.

Resin Frame Sleeve Box TypeⅡ

TypeⅡ, pursuing futher strength.

Aluminum Frame

Easy installation by simply placing it on a pallet. (Sparate type)

Type SL

Sleeve box with L-shaped side panels divided into two sections, allowing for easy loading and unloading of cargo by opening one side.

Transparent Type SF

Manufactured with PET resin on the upper part of the front panel, allowing for content visibility. Ideal for product management and storage in warehouses and logistics centers.

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