Details about "RISU GROUP"

About Risu Plastics

Gifu Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1953, when the plastics industry was in its infancy. Since then, we have used the beloved animal "squirrel" as our corporate brand to provide a wide range of plastic products, including daily necessities, logistics and industrial materials, food packaging containers, construction and civil engineering materials, sports materials, industrial parts, and medical-related products.

Currently, we have split into separate companies for each product field, and as the Risu Plastics Group, we are working closely with our customers to develop new products.

Company System

The Risu Plastics Group is divided into separate companies for each product field.
We believe that this company system is the optimal system for speeding up the cycle of creating (development), making (production), and selling (sales).
This allows us to quickly materialize customer needs and provide products to customers more quickly.

Creating Synergy

The Risu Plastics Group builds its business around "plastics."
While each field has its expertise, we also work together within the group to create synergy effects.
We believe that this will lead to the realization of our customers' needs.