Contaner & Boxes

Logistic & Industrial Materials

A series of plastic containers that excel in various fields. With foldable, general-purpose, mesh types and more, we cover a wide range of applications to meet the diverse needs of various industries such as food processing, industrial, agricultural, distribution materials, logistics materials and industrial supplies.

Our goal is to provide products that contribute to rationalization, efficiency and logistics improvement, supporting various industries and their diverse needs.

Categories of Container & Boxes


These boxes are designed to meet the needs of society in an eco-friendly manner. They are foldable container made of recycable materials.

Foldable Container

The definitive product for achieving rationalization in logistics! When empty, these boxes only take up a quarter of the space.
Foldable containers have a host of advantages, not least of which is improved logistical efficiency.

Parts Box

All-purpose parts boxes that boast outstanding durability and safety.
These practical boxes can be used in a range of fields.

Conductive Container

These boxes are static charge-resistant and ward off dust.
Risu’s conductive containers have been praised for maintaining high quality standards and for being easy to use.

Risutainer(Versatile Mesh Container)

These mesh-type containers have an long time seller in the agriculture and fishery fields.

Food Container

These food containers can be used in production, processing and distribution.
They are also hygienic, being easy to clean.

Super Box

A product of Risu’s exclusive design and production technology, super boxes excel in safety. They can be used in a wide variety of fields, from food, agriculture and fishery product processing though to industrial use.


Identification information can be easily managed by using the special card slots.

Logistics & Industrial Materials Product Categories