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Risupack Co., Ltd.

Risupack is a creative technology company dedicated to proposing new market values for our customers. We are committed to creating society where people can enjoy a safe, secure, and abundant food life.

Food Packaging Containers

"Containers are part of the food" - Creating an abundant and enjoyable food life.

Our goal is to enhance the quality of food and make it more enjoyable by providing excellent products through an integrated production system. We prioritize originality, convenience, and functionality when proposing product and store designs from the consumer's perspective.

Our range of lightweight plastic containers includes options for salads, fruits, cold noodles, sushi, lunch boxes, rice bowls, trays, takeout containers, and more.
We also offer high-speed injection containers, food container packaging tape, and various food display items.

As a leading company in the field of biomass plastics, we manufacture plastic food containers and are committed to transitioning from petroleum-based raw materials to plant-based ones. Our product line includes over 4200 items.

We are currently working on producing and developing products using 9 types of bio-derived plastics that can be selected based on their heat resistance and intended use. Moving forward, we will continue our efforts towards environmental preservation by preventing global warming and achieving a sustainable society.

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