Logistics & Industrial Materials

Products Information

We provide products that meet a wide range of needs from various industries such as food processing, industrial, agricultural, distribution, logistics, and industrial materials, aiming to rationalize and improve efficiency.

Our product lineup includes foldable containers, pallets, carriers, as well as high-strength and ultra-lightweight TECCELL logistics materials, contributing to logistics improvement.

Products Category

High-Performance Material TECCELL Series

TECCELL is a composite material with outstanding environmental performance, including resource saving and Co2 reduction, that is helping achieve innovation in logistics.

Containers & Boxes

This series of plastic containers can be used in various fields.

Designed to suit a wide range of applications; includes foldable, all-purpose and mesh types.


Transportation and storage pallets for goods.

These pallets combine features such as hygienic surfaces, durability, slip-prevention, etc. And they also cotribute to the preservation of the environment through recycling.

Logistics Materials

Our carrying carts are ideal for transporting good in the market, warehouse, and the factory.

These products are designed to be multi-purpose with work efficiency as a priority. They are user and goods-friendly.

Dedicated Materials

We have many functional products such as tubs and drainage boards.

They can be used in a whole range of scenarios in both commercial and domestic settings.