Challenging the Infinite Possibilities with Plastic

Message from the President

Since our founding in 1953, at the dawn of the plastics industry, we have played a pioneering role as a comprehensive plastics manufacturer, offering products in a wide range of fields, including daily necessities, materials for the logistics industry, food packaging containers, construction and civil engineering materials, sports materials, industrial parts, and medical equipment-related parts. In marketing its products, the company has adopted the beloved "squirrel," as its corporate brand, and has maintained a customer-first approach, selling its products through its own channels. We also make the most of the processing technologies we have cultivated over our long history and strive to create products that enrich people's lives with "FUN," "COMFORT," and "CHARM.“

In the century that has passed since the emergence of plastics in the world, they have developed into an indispensable material that brings great convenience and benefits to people's lives due to their high functionality.
On the other hand, it has also been pointed out that it is related to the problems of marine plastic litter and climate change, and has become an urgent international issue.

We view these times of change as an excellent opportunity for our company to grow and contribute to society, and we are working hard to develop next-generation materials and research advanced technologies that can reduce the environmental burden by making the most of the Group's comprehensive strengths. Specifically, as a leading company in bioplastics, we utilize earth-friendly plant-derived biomaterials in a variety of products, particularly food containers. In addition, we have developed "TECCELL," our proprietary honeycomb core material with high strength while being ultra-lightweight, for use in a wide range of products. Furthermore, we are working towards establishing technologies to reduce environmental burdens by creating a recycling scheme for logistics materials such as pallets.

Many elements of plastics are still evolving through the use of new materials and technologies. As a processing manufacturer, we will create a new world that enriches people's lives and make them more comfortable by boldly taking on the "infinite possibilities" of plastics and giving actual form (products) to these possibilities.

Represantative Director / President of Risu Plastic Group

Eita Omatsu