Environmental Guidelines & Policy

RISU Plastic Group

Environmental Policy

One of the founding principles of Risu Plastic Group is “to contribute to society as a company.” Amid a society that is undergoing major changes, we are undertaking initiatives aimed at becoming a corporate group that can contribute to society.

The group's mission is to expand the eco ring in technology and products with a ring of unity among our employees and our community of trading partners.
Thus, we have established the following environment management system activities as our environmental policy as set forth below.

Environmental Guidelines

  • We will actively strive to contribute to society and to realizing a recycling-oriented society by reinforcing activities such as the efficient use of the earth's resources, and by designing, developing, producing, distributing and disposing of products in eco-friendly manner.

  • With “Expanding the eco ring in technology and products” as our basic theme, we will establish environmental goals within the applicable scope and will develop activities to achieve those goals.
  • We will engage proactively in environmental protection by mitigating the burden on the environment, preventing pollution and maintaining the environment's condition to leave this earth beautiful for future children.

  • We strive to protect the environment by following environmental laws and agreements, etc. and by establishing standards for ourselves.
  • We will ensure continuous improvement by monitoring, measuring and evaluating our environmental performance.
  • We will disseminate our environmental policy within the organization to ensure it is well known and in addition, we will publish it on the website, etc. for stakeholders to obtain