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With a SLEEVE BOX, the loading capacity is DOUBLED. 

~Improving transportation efficiency in anticipation of the "Workstyle Reform-related Laws" coming into effect in April 2024~

Sleeve box is a large box that surrounds the pallet with the goods already loaded. It allows for a two-tired stacking of goods, ensuring protection and significantly contributing to the effciency of product protection, packing, loading, and unloading onto trucks. This leads to a notable enhancement in transport efficiency. Additionally, it reduces waste such as strech film and PP bands, contributing to emvironmental sustainability.

Under the "Workstyle Reform Law", starting from April 2024, the annual limit for overtime hours for driving tasks in the transportation industry will be restricted to 960 hours. The various impacts arising from these changes on the logistics sector are collectively referred to as the "2024 ISSUE."

Soundproof Panel "TECCELL SAINT"

Currently, "Noise Countermeasures" are being sought after across various manufacturing industries. The reason for this is the advancement of "aging population" and "decreasing working-age population". In this era where rationalization as improvement in working conditions are sought, addressing noise issues has become crucial.

The keywords are improving working conditions, workstyle reform, and creating a town where people can live in health and safety.

This is achieved the "TECCELL SAINT", Honeycomb core soundproof panel.

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