Medical Components & Supplies

As a technology development partner in the field of medical plastics.

We are a comprehensive plastics manufacturer capable of providing integrated solutions from product design, mold making to molding (mass production). With a wide range of molding and quality control techniques, we provide our customers with the best products and servic


  • Unable to find a production capable of meeting even the most detailed requirements.
  • Troubled by numerous product defects and delivery delays.

With our expertise and development capabilities, we CAN SOLVE the above challenges!

Solution 1

We use a variety of analytical techniques to create products that are safe and reliable to use.

Flow analysis:Establishing stable moldability and proposing optimal mold structures during product design.
Structual analysis : Support product design to meet required performance standards.
X-ray CT analysis:Visualizing the internal conditions of the product.

We propose solutions through our product design expertise and technical capabilities.

Create product samples that closely resemble the actual product.

Eliminate the cost of prototype tooling in the design phase and enable design reviews.

Reduce the cost of prototype tooling in the design phase and enable design reviews.

We suggest the most suitable materials for different applications.

With our extensive knowledge of material selection and strong relationships with material suppliers, we can handle molding processes for a wide range of materials, from olefin resins to engineering plastics.

A variety of molding techniques

We have a wide range of molding techniques, including injection molding with machines ranging from 50tons to 4000tons, as well as two-color molding and rotational molding.

Secondary Processing Techniques

Printing Techniques:Screen Printing, Pad Printing, Hot Stamping Printing
Welding Techniques:Heat Welding, Vibration Welding, Ultrasonic Welding, High Frequency Welding(Electromagnetic Induction Heating)

Solution 2

Inline Measurement System

All critical dementions are 100% inspected by an inline measurement system integrated into the production line, allowing for pass/fail determination.

Performance Evaluations

We evaluate performance using our proprietary equipment to ensure consistent product quality with every shipment.


Hemodialysis Air Filter

Disposable Transducer Protection Filters are utilized in the blood dialysis circuit to prevent blood infection in patients undergoing blood dialysis. These filters can be sterilized using Ethylene Oxide Gas (EOG) steam sterilization.

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Infection Prevention Gear Storage Product

Resolve concerns about the placement of aprons, masks, rubber gloves, and other infection prevention items in health care and social services facilities to prevent nosocomial infections.

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