High-strength, ultra-lightweight honeycomb core material for contributing to energy saving in all types of industrial applications.

Logistics and Industrial Materials

Contributing to rationalization and labor savings in all kinds of logistics and industrial operations.

Food Packaging Containers

We materialize users 'IDEALS' based on our cultivated expertise.

Daily Necessities

We support a rich lifestyle by adding 'FUN' 'COMFORT' and 'PLEASANTNESS' to everyday life.

Piping Materials

We provide essential PVC pipes and various items for residential living.

Construction and Civil Engineering Materials

We handle products essential for social infrastructure and items that contribute to society.

Sports Materials

Creating a sporting life for beginners to experts.

Industrial Components

Our goal is to create a society where individuals can live safe, secure, prosperous, and enjoyable lives.

Medical Components

Putting safety and peace of mind first, we aim to be a partner in the development of medical technologies.