Industrial Components

Development of proposal-oriented parts manufacturing technology

Initiatives for industrial components, OEM and collaborative development

We are a platic manufacturer capable of providing comprehensive support from product design and mold making to molding(mass production)

We possess medium to large molding machines (50t to 4000t), and we propose product shapes that enhance mold structure with good formability and quality.
We achieve cost reduction and stable supply through material sourcing across the entire group of companies.
We provide our customers with the best produts and services through a wide range of molidng techniques and quality management.

Automotive Components

In recent years, there has been a trend towards larger molded components due to the consolidation of component counts.
If you do not have large molding machines in-house, please feel free to contact us!!
Our factory possess medium to large molding machines (50t to 4000t).
Even if you thought large component molding wasn't possible due to lack of molding equipment, i's achievable with us.

Residential Facility Components

With the increasing multifunctionality of residential facilities, the shapes of components have become more complex. In recent years, aesthetically pleasing plastic products with a variety pf mounting components have been increasingly sought after.

We design and manufacture automated assmbly equipment within the production line to address warping and distortion through gas injection. This allows us to handle everything from molding to assembly.

Lightweight and High Rigidity Honeycomb Core Material "TECCELL"

Contributing to Energy Efficiency in All Industries

In today's world where ecological friendliness, energy efficiency, and lightweight designs are sought after, strength is crucial to ensure safety.
Our unique lightweight, high-strength honeycomb core material "TECCELL" enables the resolution of the conflicting challenges of "Weight Reduction and Strength."

TECCELL SAINT with Sound Absorption Effect

  • Sound Absorption ---- It demonstrates sound absorption effect through the Helmholtz resonance principle created by the honeycomb hollow structure and opened holes.
  • Lightweight ---- It's very ligmantleht, making it easy to carry, install and dismantle.
  • High-rigidity ---- It can be used as a base material for soundproof boxes, soundproof booths, as well as spaces for streamers and gamers.