History of RISU Plastic Group

1953 Apr Gifu Plastic Industry founded by its first president Koei Omatsu in Kubomi, Gifu-city

The first machine, 2-ounce vertical molding machine, was installed.

Nov First Shipment : Compact Case Started the production and sales of daily necessities and soundries
1957 Apr

Company's trademark, "RISU"(Squirrel) logo, established

1959 Nov Vacuum forming machine introduced [Start of the food packaging and container business]



Launch of food packaging container "Bon Cup".

1963 Mar Started production and sales of PVC pipe fittings [Start of construction and civil engineering materials business]
Sep Launch of bread containers [Start of logistics materials business]


Risu Kogyo Co., Ltd. begins selling pool floors [Starts sports supplies business]



Risupack Co., Ltd. was established. Food packaging business transferred from Gifu Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

Dec Relocation of the headquarters to "Daigifu Building" near Gifu Station.
1984 Risu Kogyo Co., Ltd. begins selling pool floors [Starts sports supplies business]


Risu Co., Ltd. is established. The daily necessities business is transferred from Gifu Plastic Industries.

1988 May

President Toshiyuki Omatsu assumes position of representative director

1989 Mar

The present ”RISU” logo established.

1990 May Launch of logistics pallets.
1992 Apr Risu Kogyo launched "PLA-WOOD", plastic imitation wood products.
2004 Dec Established Daigifu Building Co., Ltd.


Risupack polylactic acid containers registered on Japan Hygienic Olefin And Styrene Plastics Association’s Positive List


Risupack's polylactic acid containers are adopted at the Aichi Expo. Full-scale production and sales of plant-based plastic food packaging containers begins."


Risu Joint Products Co., Ltd. is established. The joint development department is transferred from Risu Co., Ltd.



Gifu Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. developed the continuous forming technology for honeycomb structures and launched the TECCELL product line.

2010 Oct Risu Kogyo Co., Ltd. launched rainwarter strage and infiltation tanks "Rain Stadium".
2011 Feb Established Gifu Risu Trading in Shanghai, China.
8月 Toei Kanki made into subsidiary


Transferred the PVC pipe fitting business of Risu Kogyo to Toei Kanki

2013 Apr Celebrated the 60th anniversary of establishment.
2017 Mar Launched the honeycomb soundproof panel " TECCELL SAINT".


Eita Omatsu becomes the third president and CEO, and Toshiyuki Omatsu becomes chairman.

History of RISU Plastic Group

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Since our founding in 1953, when the plastics industry was in its infancy, we have used the beloved animal "squirrel" as our corporate brand to provide a wide range of products, including daily necessities, logistics and industrial materials, food packaging containers, construction and civil engineering materials, sports materials, industrial parts, and medical-related products.