History of RISU Group


Establishment in 1953

"Encounting New Materials"

April 1953, shortly after the end of World WarⅡ, Gifu Plastic Industry was established in Gifu City, which still bore the scars of air raids.

The founder of Gifu Plastic Industry was a young man named Koei Omatsu, who was 28 years old at the time.

Products that Represent the Era

Year of 1953-1990

Aligned with the rapid economic growth of the post-war period, the plastics industry experienced a prosperous era. Along with it, Gifu Plastic Industry created various hit products and expanded into various new fields, such as food packaging containers, PVC pipe fittings, and containers, culminating in the products that shaped the era.

Year of 1971-1988


Expansion of our products in each field has progressed, and through specialized operations and meticulous sales efforts in each industry, we have successfully expand our business.

Year of 1989-2002

Environmental changes

We have responded promptly and accurately to major environmental changes such as the economic bubble, subsequent recession, rapid IT advancement, and globalization.
We have also been quick to initiate product development that incorporates recycled materials and universal designs, resulting in significant achievements across a wide range of industries.

Year of 2003-2012

Contemplating the future

Recognizing the increasing focus on global environmental issues, we quickly embarked on the development of environmentally friendly products and ventured into new business areas to adapt to the changing social needs.

Other Topics

■ Contribution to the Revitalization of Gifu Station Area ■

In 2005, the headquarters of the Gifu Plastic Group, known as the “Dai Gifu-Building," was completed in front of JR Gifu Station, the main entrance to Gifu City. It was the first project of urban redevelopment that involved the surrounding area. A garden was installed on the roof of the building, and greenery was planted on the west wall, creating a soothing landscape while mitigating temperature rise on the wall.
In recognition of these efforts, the company received the Minister of the Environment's Award in a competition sponsored by the Urban Greenery Technology Development Organization.

Year of 2013 - Present

Creating Products in Demand by Society

We have worked on the development of various products in each business field to achieve a balance between providing convenience to people and contributing to the environment, aiming to be a company that continues to contribute to society.

Other Topics

TECCELL's mass production technology and product development, which were the first in the world to be successfully mass-produced, received the "Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award" in the product and technology development category at the 6th Manufacturing Japan Grand Awards in 2015. TECCELL was evaluated highly for its potential use in a wide range of fields.

In 2015, we were recognized for contributions to the development of the intellectual property rights system and received the Patent Commissioner's Commendation at the Intellectual Property Achievement Awards hosted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
The proactive approach towards protecting and utilizing intellectual property was highly appreciated.

■ Regional Future-Leading Companies ■

In 2018, Gifu Plastic Industry and RISUPACK were selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as " Regional Future-Leading Companies" with the expectation of driving the local economy.


In 2019, in response to the challenging logistics crisis, we acquired Hashizume Transportation, a transport company operating in the Kanto region, in order to leverage its extensive delivery expertise and achieve precise and efficient distribution.