Honeycomb Core Panel "TECCELL"

Transcend the Ordinary : The Featherlight Pinnacle Material

TECCELL, the Honeycomb Core Born from the World's First Thermoplastic Continuous Molding Technology

Honeycomb core is a collection of hexagonal cells and is considered the most superior sandwich core material in terms of mechanical properties.

Its strength-to-weight ratio is among the highest in all structural materials.

TECCELL, a honeycomb sandwich panel made of lightweight and highly rigid material, is a composite material with excellent environmental performance, including resource conservation and CO2 reduction,and contributes to energy conservation in all industries. Futhermore, TECCELL can be used in a wide range of fields, as it can add value by laminating various materials such as metals, melamine laminated panels, and non-woven fabrics.


③ Impact Absorption

The honeycomb core buckles and absorbs energy and dramatically absorbs impact. The motorcycle chest protector has a proven track record of meeting Europoan CE Standard Level 2 (THE HIGHEST CLASS)

Example of Commercialization

④ Sound Absorption Effect

TECCELL SAINT has a sound absorption effect by making small holes on the surface of TECCELL. This honeycomb panel is named "TECCELL SAINT" and contributes to various noise reduction measures.

TECCELL SAINT WEBSITE ★The linked page is available in Japanese only★

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