TECCELL, a honeycomb sandwich panel made of light weight and highly rigid material, is a composite material with excellent environmental performance, including resource conservation and CO2 reduction, and contributes to energy conservation in all industries.

Logistics and Industrial Materials

We strive to meet diverse needs from various industrial sectors such as food processing, industrial, agricultural, distribution materials, logistics materials, and industrial materials.
We offer products aimed at rationalization and efficiency improvement, including collapsible containers, pallets, carriers, as well as high -strength , ultra-lightweight TECCELL logistics materials, contributing to logistics enhancement.

Food Packaging Containers

Adhering to the market-in concept that "CONTAINERS are also part of the FOOD," we develop plastic food packaging with uniqueness, convenience, and high functionality in materials, addressing market needs.
We propose products and store displays from the consumer's perspective.

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Daily Necessities

We offer a wide range of products that cater to living scenes such as kitchen and bathroom.
By adding JOY, COMFORT and PLEASANTNESS to daily life, we support a rich and fulfilling lifestyle.

Piping Equipment

We primarily focus on essential items for residential living, such as PVC pipes and fittings for water supply and drainage.
We offer wide range of residential-rerated materials, piping equipment, and construction materials to meet our customers' needs.

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Construction and civil engineering materials

In recent years, changes in the environment have posed a threat to our living conditions. In order to support a comfortable life, we propose products that contribute to a society where we can co-exist with both disaster preparedness and the protection of the Earth's environment, considering 'Harmony between People and the Earth.'

Sports Materials

"I want to swim faster." "I want to exercise more." "I want to have more enjoyable moments."
RISU's pursuit of safe and functional sports material series. We provide a range of products that satisfy and meet the needs of each individual who enjoy sports, supporting their sporting lives.

Industrial Components

We strive to be a company that leads the industry by creating cutting-edge products.
Our motto is to continue being a company that excels in craftsmanship, offering a wide range of services from material and form suggestion to after-sales service.

Medical Components

Plastics used in medical devices have made significant contributions to the advancement of current medical technology. 〈br〉We combine a diverse range of molding techniques and quality control expertise to provide our customers with reliable products and optimal services.

We offer a wide range of plastic products in various fields, including Daily Necessities, Logistics & Industry Materials, Food Packaging Containers, Construction & Civil Engineering Materials, Sports Materials, Industrial Components, and Medical Components.

RISU Plastic Group Overview

RISU Plastic Group is a comprehensive plastic manufacturer. We have established separate entities for each product field to enhance specialization within respective industries. We strive for product development while closely engaging with our customers to meet their specific needs.

History of RISU Plastic Group

Gifu Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1953 during the dawn of the plastics industry. Since then, we have embraced the beloved animal, the squirrel, as our corporate brand and have been providing a wide range of plastic products in various fields.


We refer to the corporate culture and beliefs passed down since our founding as "RISU ISM."

Based on this enduring spirit, we challenge the boundless potential.

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"Turning ordinary days into extraordinary ones."

We bring you a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle emanating from the kitchen at LEBERALISTA.

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RISU New Normal

Every day, a fresh start. Our products support your New Normal lifestyle.


Soundproof panels / box with honeycomb structure contributing to addressing complaints from nearby residents about factory noise and creating comfortable workplace for employees.

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