"RISU ISM" is the belief that underlies our technology-driven company's foundation

"RISU ISM" is the corporate culture and belief that flows through the foundation of the RISU Plastic Group, based on our management philosophy and five core principles.
We have challenged the infinite possibilities of plastic since its early days, and through our unwavering dedication to meeting customer demands, we have grown into a technology-driven company.

We will continue to pass on this spirit to the next generation and contribute to our customer's businesses and lifestyles as well as to a sustainable society.

Management Philosophy / Our Five Core Principles

The Three Sprits that make up "RISU ISM"

Based on the three spirits that have been passed down through the generations, the Risu Plastics Group will contribute to the development of our customers' businesses and a sustainable society through our plastics business.


Challenging Spirit

The company's founding spirit of challenge remains present today.

Challenging Spirit<

Plastic has infinite possibilities. We have the spirit to take on the challenging task of giving shape to these possibilities.


Diligence Work Spirit

We earnestly listen to our customers' demands and diligently explore all possibilities.

Diligence Work Spirit<

As a packaging product manufacturing plant, we are committed to addressing the challenges posed by increasing consumer demands for reassurance and quality, as well as the wide range of requests from major clients regarding hygiene, environment, and quality aspects. We focus on the relevant departments and strive to adhere to HACCP standards in line with food hygiene.


Contributing to the Global Environment

We work with a sprit of contributing to the global environment.

Contributing to the Global Environment<

In addition to quickly switching from PVC to APET in food containers, we are creating a wide range of environmentally friendly products, including the introduction of bioplastic materials, the use of recycled materials, and the establishment of continuous molding technology for light and strong honeycomb cores.

The shape of "Risu-ism"

Kanto Factory (in Gunma Prefecture)

Kanto Factory (in Gunma Prefecture)

As a container factory, we have realized a factory that complies with HACCP and complies with food hygiene.

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Developing products that reduce the burden on the environment.

Developing products that reduce the burden on the environment.

Our group's mission is to expand the eco-friendly circle through technology and products, by building bonds of solidarity among employees and with business partners.

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