RISU New Normal Life Style

With the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, products designed for preventing droplet transmission are taking on NEW ROLES.

Droplet Containment in Medical & Care Environments

In the broader society, the use of partitions for dividers has become less commen; however, we believe it remains essential in healthcare settings.

Particularly for elderly residents, the susceptibility to airborne infections is heightened, emphasizing the importance of robust prevention measures.

Sports Gym

By installing partitions between the rinning machines, uses can also hang towels, and it eliminates concerns about the neighboring runner's respiration.

Lunch Box Container

We offer a wide variety of Lunch boxes (Bento Boxes)

Noodle Dishes " DONBURI"

You can also take out noodle dishes. The lid securely protects the contents.

Square-shaped Donburi
Separation Contents

A convenient container for separating rice and curry sauce

Pedal Pail

Opens when stepped on with the foot

Swing Pail

Engaging children in outdoor play that involves physical activity is an integral part of socio-emotional education.