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TECCELL Processing Methods

Type of Processing Machine/Tool Used Notes
  • Saw/Jigsaw
  • Cutter
  • Tipped saw, Circular saw
  • NC router
  • Press (punching)
  • Cutting blade
Cutting with a saw, jigsaw or tipped saw will create scrapings, which may necessitate later finishing work.
  • Hand drill
  • Drilling machine
  • Hole saw
  • NC router
  • Press (punching)
Punching can also be carried out using a Thomson blade; the cut section will have a good finish if you use a hot blade.
Panel end sealing
  • Heat treatment
  • Adhesive facing
  • Adhesive facing (U-shaped)
Processing is possible with general-purpose adhesive facing.
To ensure strong adhesion, we recommend EVA or Polyolefin based adhesives.
  • Thermal bending
  • Thermal creasing, V-cut
  • Thermal pressing
  • Vacuum forming tools
Bending can be easily achieved by cutting processes like thermal creasing or groove cutting.
The material can be fixed into its bended shape by welding or using an adhesive.
  • Riveting
  • Blind nuts
  • Adhesive, double-sided tape
  • End face thermal welding
If you join the material with nuts and bolts, it will be necessary to protect the connecting holes with eyelets and colored covers, etc.
We recommend that before bonding the material, you first treat the surface using a primer, etc.

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