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Toward a lighter future

Lightweight and strong honeycomb core material

TECCELL is the world´s first honeycomb cored material made from thermoplastic resins by using continuous forming technology. This high-strength, ultra-light honeycomb core, composite material has outstanding environmental performance, saving resources, reducing CO2 and contributing to energy saving in all types of industrial applications.

  • Example applications: In Specific fields
  • Example application: Automotive
  • Example applications: Railways
  • Example applications: Logistics
  • Examples applications: Sports
  • Example applications: Engineering & temporary structures
  • Example applications: Store fixtures & displays
  • Example applications: Residential facilities
  • Example applications: Furniture
  • Example applications: Furniture With its lightweight for tabletops and partitions, and its 3D molding capacity making it great for seating, TECCELL is expanding its applications as a new type of office furniture material.
  • Example applications: Residential facilities In addition to its lightness and high strength, TECCEL's water-resistant features, make it effective in kitchen and bathroom components or as a core material in various types of doors and tatami mats.
  • Example applications: Store fixtures & displays TECCELL´s innovative qualities such as its lightweight material, honeycomb design, and soft translucence enable it to be used as furniture in stores and for events.
  • Example applications: Engineering & temporary structures When combined with metals such as aluminum, TECCELL provides a lightweight substitute to metal and plywood, helping to cut down the need for forestry and mineral resources.
  • Examples applications: Sports With its lightweight, water resistance and 3D modeling capability, TECCELL can add new functionality in a range of sports environments.
  • Example applications: Logistics Lightweight and strong, TECCELL helps improve fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions across a whole spectrum of logistical operations.
  • Example applications: Railways Meeting flame retardant standards, for railway vehicle materials, in combustion tests, "Flame Retardant TECCELL" has many applications in railway rolling stock.
  • Example application: Automotive TECCELL´s lightweight and high-strength plus its 3D molding capability, make it an effective material for reducing weight in vehicle components.
  • Example applications: In Specific fields TECCELL´s lightweight and high-strength, derived from its honeycomb-structure, plus its ability to combine with metals such as aluminum give it excellent secondary processing capability. It can substitute for traditional materials in a variety of applications.

  • Features TECCELL features a high-strength, ultra-lightweight honeycomb core material.
  • Basic Properties TECCELL is an isotropic material and has excellent mechanical properties.
  • Processing Methods Made from thermoplastic resin, secondary processing of TECCELL is easy, including bending and processing in 3-dimensions.
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Notice of License
The technology has been developed and patented by the Belgian company EconCore N.V. Gifu Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. has been licensed to utilize the technology within Japan by the local master license-holder, ITOCHU Corporation.