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TECCELL's Features

High-Strength & Ultra-Lightweight Material

The honeycomb core is a dynamically outstanding sandwich-type core comprising of a cluster of hexagonal cells. It has the highest strength per unit weight among all types of structures.

Upper skin Lower skin Honeycomb-Core

High Specific Strength and Rigidity

The honeycomb sandwich panels have extremely high specific strength and rigidity compared to other types of structure. It is also possible to use various combinations of thickness, cell size and materials to adjust the strength according to the application. Another advantage of TECCELL is that its flexural strength and rigidity rise proportionately in relation to increases in its apparent density.

TECCELL´s basic properties

Gravity-Flexural Rigidity Distribution Image

Integrated core material and skin sheets

TECCELL's surface skin and core material are integrated through a special molding technique and it therefore features outstanding strength and is easy to bond to other materials.

The surface skin is formed simultaneously

Can be used for a wide variety of thermoplastic resin applications

TECCELL is made from all-purpose thermoplastic resin, enabling applications in a wide variety of fields.

PP(Polypropylene) PE(Polyethylene) PC(Polycarbonate) PET(Polyethylene Telephthalate)

Material that Offers Outstanding Secondary Formability

In addition to its uses as a composite material, secondary processing such as bending and 3D forming are easy due to the characteristics of thermoplastic resins.

Bending forming, Pressing forming, Welding


  • Core:PP Skin GFRP
    (Grass fiber-reinforced )

  • Core:PP Skin Marble pattern sheet

  • Core:PP Skin Aluminum

  • Core:PP Skin Plywood

Secondary formability

  • Bending forming

  • Bending and Welding

  • Pressing forming

  • Pressing forming

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