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Cleaning Products

We have a rich variety of waste containers for indoor and outdoor use. Here you will find the ideal products to suit your situation.

Cleaning Products LINEUP


We have a large variety of waste containers and buckets. Choose the right one for you from among our lineup of various capacities and shapes (including square and round types).

GK Containers and Washtubs

Our robust and practical waste containers and buckets are ideal for commercial use. Our sturdy and easy-to-use Risu washtub series features drain plugs and a full range of sizes.

Active Bucket

Made from flexible material, these buckets do not break easily even if distorted. The mouth is made for easy pouring and the base is also easy to grip.


You can choose from a wide variety of waste containers according to your needs. We support garbage sorting by offering a wide range of waste containers, including tall types, pedal types, and easy-to-use swing types.

HOME&HOME Plant-based Products

An industry first! Waste containers containing around 5% plant-based material. No crude oil used, no carbon footprint, and the material can be recycled and reused.

container style

We have selected chic colors to provide a refined touch to your garbage sorting. With its calm color scheme, this waste container will look stylish wherever it is placed.


A stylish and simple waste bin, the hand-shaped grips make it easy to carry. Comes in square and, round shapes, and in a variety of sizes and colors.


Sort, store, and return recyclable garbage in one handy bag, this bag creates a new way to dispose of garbage. You can use the bag to carry recyclable garbage to a pickup point and then fold it up and bring it home.


The ideal mobile waste container, it makes transporting heavy or large-size garbage a breeze. A caster pail, with a totally professional feel.

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