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Production System for Food Packaging Containers

We believe that the packaging container is an essential component of a food product and have put in place a cutting-edge system of production with a view to realizing a stable and safe supply.

A Factory that Continuously Evolves to keep up with a new age

In spring 2009, we started operations in the cutting-edge Kanto Factory with a view to realizing a stable and safe supply of food packaging.
In order to fulfill this lofty objective it is supported by following three design principles.

1. Provision of Safe, High Quality Goods

HACCP compliant Hygiene Management

  • We have established clear hygiene management zones, and we strictly enforce proper hygiene procedures during entry and exit of rooms
  • We use medium efficiency filters to ensure cleanliness at food factory levels

Product Safety Management

  • From sheet forming to final production, we operate a safety system for completing manufacturing within the same factory, so that the material never leaves the building.

Measures to Prevent Contamination by Foreign Substances

  • We eliminate dust fall by ensuring clean areas are crane and duct-free.
  • We have isolated the pulverizing machine area and cardboard stacking area, where plastic and paper dust are produced.
  • We have fitted anti-insect filters on exhaust systems.

2. Environmental Measures

A Factory that Saves Energy with a View to CO2 Reduction
We consume 35% less energy than conventional factories

3. Cost Saving and High Efficiency

Sheeting Machines fitted with the Latest Technology
We have introduced sheeting machines that are the best in the world in terms of productivity and product safety.
Automatic Sorting System and High-efficiency Logistics System
Considerable savings have been achieved in time and manpower
Unit Control System
We pursue the optimization of molding conditions through highly precise temperature control, etc.

More information on Production System for Food Packaging Containers can be found on the Gifu Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. website

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