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Technology & Facilities Information

As experts in plastic, we offer exceptional technical prowess and cutting-edge facilities

Risu Plastic Group has a wide variety of forming technologies and facilities, allowing us to meet diverse needs.
Our products reflect our high standards of quality control and they are produced in an environment with meticulous hygiene management.

Injection Molding

Injection molding is suited to the mass production of products with complex shapes. The main products we manufacture using such technology are logistics industry materials, industrial components, medical products, household products, commercial-use goods, and construction/engineering materials.

Forming a Honeycomb Structure

The forming technology of Honeycomb core material TECCELL
he honeycomb core is a dynamically outstanding sandwich-type core comprising a cluster of hexagonal cells. Strength per unit weight it is said to be the best among all types of structures.

Production System for Food Packaging Containers

We believe that the packaging container is an essential component of a food product and have put in place a cutting-edge system of production with a view to realizing a stable and safe supply.