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Forming a Honeycomb Structure

A world first: technology for continuously forming a honeycomb structure using thermoplastic resin.

The honeycomb structure of TECCELL is so-named because it consists of a cluster of hexagonal cells similar to the honeycombs built by honeybees.

These bees nest like structures are sandwiched between two sheets creating high strength, rigidity, and lightweight. It has been widely known for years that this is the optimal kind of core structure.

However, past production methods were very convoluted, leading to poor productivity. Accordingly, the use of these materials was primarily limited to the aerospace industry.
To redress this situation, we entered a technical tie-up with an overseas company and established the world’s first technology to continuously form a honeycomb structure using thermoplastic resin.

Thanks to this technology, TECCELL can now be used in a wide range of applications, including aircraft, automobiles, construction, logistics, and packing materials. In this way, we have contributed to energy saving across a broad spectrum of industries.

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