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High-strength, ultra-light honeycomb core board for a wide range of applications.

TECCELL is the world’s first honeycomb cored material made from thermoplastic resins by using continuous forming technology. This high-strength, ultra-light honeycomb core, composite material has outstanding environmental performance, saving resources, reducing CO2 and contributing to energy saving in all types of industrial applications.


  • high-strength, ultra-lightweight honeycomb core board
  • Integrated core material and skin sheets
  • Can be used for a wide variety of thermoplastic resin applications
  • In addition to its uses as a composite material, secondary processing such as bending and 3D forming are easy due to the characteristics of thermoplastic resins
  • isotropic material and has excellent mechanical properties

More information on TECCELL can be found on the Gifu Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. website.

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Beyond light High-Performance Material TECCELL.