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Product Information

Widh "environmentally friendly" as our basic stance, we deliver products for wide range of industrial fields.


High-strength, ultra-light honeycomb core board for a wide range of applications.

Logistics & Industrial Materials

Contributing to rationalization and labor savings in all kinds of logistics & industrial operations.

Industrial Components

When the user has an "ideal," we take on the mission of technical innovation.

Medical Related Products

Putting safety and peace of mind first, we aim to be a partner in the development of medical technologies.

Home Products

We support you by helping to enrich your lifestyle.

Commercial Goods

We provide products that contribute toward a rich office environment

Construction Materials

Forging the future with cutting edge, eco-friendly technology.

Sports Materials

Creating a sporting life for beginners to experts.

Food Packaging Containers

Bio packaging that contributes to a stable,safe and sustainable society