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Home Products

We support you by helping to enrich your lifestyle.

Our housewares embody the fine traditions of the Risu brand. We provide a lineup of products for a variety of daily life settings, including the kitchen and the bathroom. We support comfortable living by enhancing the pleasure, comfort, and homeliness of your everyday life.


Risu Co., Ltd.

Cleaning Products(pails, buckets and dust boxes)

We have a rich variety of waste containers for indoor and outdoor use. Here you will find the ideal products to suit your situation.

Kitchen Products & Tableware

Outstanding functionality and design suited to changing culinary lifestyles. These products will help you achieve enjoyable and comfortable mealtimes.

Bath Products

Our product selection ranges from basic to premium products. Here you will find products that ideally suit your situation and purpose.

Pickling Products

We have a rich variety of pickling equipment for home use and commercial use. Here you will find products that are ideal to suit your lifestyle.

DIY Products

Our storage containers come in a variety of sizes. Here you will find the perfect combination of storage containers to suit your home.

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Beyond light High-Performance Material TECCELL.