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Food packaging containers

Bio Packaging that contributes to a stable,safe and sustainable society

Our desire is for you to purchase products that are "stable, safe and that give value" and which suit the environment.
In addition we will keep on striving and developing so that children can feel the joy of living and a rich eating environment.


  • PLA (polylactic acid) containers
  • Plant-based resin (bio) containers
  • Clean Cup (A-PET) containers
  • Lightweight plastic containers for various foods
    Salad, fruit, dessert, cold noodles, noodle sets, sushi, sashimi, lunch boxes, rice bowls, deli, meat, hot pots and all-purpose trays
  • High-speed injection containers
  • Food container packaging tape
  • Supplies for various food sale departments

More information on food packaging containers can be found on the Risu Pack website

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