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Construction Materials

Forging the future with cutting edge, eco-friendly technology.

Recent ecological changes are threatening the daily living environment. With the aim of supporting a comfortable daily life, we offer products that take disaster control and environmental protection into consideration, and thereby contribute to a people-friendly and eco-friendly society.


Risu Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Rainwater storage/Infiltration system

This construction can be covered with a water-impermeable or water-permeable sheet and serve as a rainwater storage or infiltration tank.

Plastering Materials

Risu's construction material series: chosen by professionals. Made from shock-resistant materials, these products are designed to withstand the intense demands of professional use.

Imitation Wood (PLAWOOD )

Made from recycled plastic material, Plastic Wood is designed to enhance the scenery and protect the environment. There is a rich variation of products to meet a wide range of needs.

Gardening Materials

In this plant watering system, plant pots are irrigated from the bottom through an absorption device, which is fitted on to a watering channel through which flows water or liquid fertilizer.


PVC built-in pipe connectors

As the main water supply and sewerage of PVC pipes and fittings to be a vital lifeline to living life, we have to provide housing-related materials to suit your needs widely.

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Beyond light High-Performance Material TECCELL.