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Introducing Plant-derived Plastics

By conserving oil resources and limiting CO2 emissions (carbon neutrality), we are contributing to a recycling-oriented society that does not create a large burden on the environment.

We have recently been developing plant-derived biomass plastics as an alternative to traditional oil-derived plastics, and using such plastics for a range of different things, including food packaging containers, food packaging, and textile products. Biomass plastic is a general term for plastics that are made from renewable resources such as plants. Biomass plastic is environmentally friendly. Since plants form the source material, it does not increase the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, and it does not use up precious oil resources.

In the late 1990s, Risu Plastic Group commenced research into environmentally friendly materials, and since then we have brought to market a plethora of biomass plastic products, and have also poured our energies into dissemination activities.

The Environmental Cycle of Biomass Plastic

Food Packaging Containers

Creation of Biomass Plastic Containers Made from Sustainable Plant Resources

Development of Various Products

Productizing and disseminating plant-derived materials with a view to realizing a sustainable society

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