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Message from the President

Since our company was founded in 1953 when the plastic industry was in its early days, we have been playing a pioneering role as a manufacturer of a full-line of plastics by providing products for various fields including daily necessities, logistics industry materials, food packaging containers, construction/engineering materials, sports materials, industrial components, and medical related products.We adopted the “Risu (squirrel)”, an animal everyone loves, as a corporate brand, always putting the customer first and we market products that are developed by the company through our own sales channels.We are trying hard to make products that can improve people’s lives making them “happier”, “more pleasant” and “comfortable” by taking full advantage of the processing technology developed throughout our long history.

In order to construct a sustainable society for the future of our children, we are contributing to the prevention of global warming and the realization of a recycling society by saving fossil fuel resources which are limited, conserving energy and proactively adopting environmentally conscious materials.For example, we are actively developing eco-friendly advanced technology and next-generation materials such as “TECCELL”, a high-strength, ultra-light honeycomb cored material and “Bio-Neutral”, a packaging using plant-based biomass materials.

Through this approach of pursuing infinite possibilities, we have received many awards including the “Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Prize” at the Sixth Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Awards and the “Prize of the Commissioner of the Japan Patent Office” at the Intellectual Property Achievement Awards, which confirm our technology and leads to the improvement of our corporate value.By bringing together the collective strength of our group, taking pride in the “Risu” brand, and continuing the “endless challenge to evolve”, we provide a richer and more pleasant life for everyone through our plastic products.We contribute to society by opening new frontiers that are beyond innovation with plastics as our principle focus.

Representative Director
Eita Ohmatsu

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Beyond light High-Performance Material TECCELL.