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Our Brand Logo and Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

Management Principles

The corporate group is a living community. All corporate activities shall be devoted to the goal of improving life in this community so that every employee can realize greater happiness. The corporate group shall also make a contribution to society.

Our Five Core Principles

  • TrustEmployees shall strive to develop the company in a spirit of mutual trust.
  • SolidarityEmployees shall work as one, in unity, to overcome any challenges.
  • InnovationEmployees shall strive to blaze trails in new fields with a view to improving productivity.
  • ServiceEmployees shall understand the company's public nature, and contribute to society through the group's products.
  • Well-beingEmployees shall watch over each other's well being so that all can enjoy a healthy and vibrant life.

Brand Logo


April 1989-Present

"Risu," from which Risu Plastic Group gets its name, is the Japanese word for squirrel. Our brand logo dynamically expresses how Risu Plastic Group, much like a squirrel, leaps forward incessantly toward the bright potential of tomorrow. The thick line stretching upward represents freedom and creativity, and the white area that forms the capital R represents the expansion of the group as a whole.

The origins of "Risu"

Squirrels are small animals that reproduce rapidly. Since they do not cause any particular harm to humans, they are much adored by the public.
While squirrels have small bodies, they are extremely fast. They are always working hard contributing to the quality of life in their communities.
Just like the industrious squirrels, Risu Plastic Group is a dynamic community that wins the esteem of the public by fulfilling its social mission, and fosters rich and joyful lives through the trust and cooperation of employees. As such a company, Risu Plastic Group has adopted the "Risu" or squirrel logo with a view to further development for the next 100 years.

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