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Technological Development that Contributes to the Environment

Under the slogan "expand the eco circle through technology and products," we focus our efforts on developing technologies that produce eco-friendly products and thereby contribute to the creation of a sustainable society.

The Technologies We Are Developing

We are developing technologies that produce products using plant-derived biomass plastic

Biomass plastics are sourced from plants. They are therefore eco-friendly in that they do not increase CO2 emissions and they enable the conservation of precious petroleum resources. Research and development began in the late 1990s, and since then, we have delivered many biomass plastic products to the market. We will continue to promote the productization of biomass plastic in a variety of industrial fields.

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Developing technology that produces products using recycled plastic materials

To make a contribution toward effective resource utilization and waste reduction, we promote research into forming technology that effectively utilizes plastic waste or used plastic and thereby brings about recycling in a wide variety of fields.

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Developing technology that produces products in a way that contributes toward energy & resource saving, and CO2 reduction

We promote research, technology and productization that contribute to energy saving in plastic manufacturing and the preservation of limited natural resources. Through these efforts, we are helping to hold in check greenhouse gases, such as CO2 that are the cause of global warming.

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Honeycomb Structure Continuous Forming Technology
TECCELL is a lightweight and strong material with a honeycomb structure. It was developed after establishing the world´s first technology to continuously form a honeycomb structure using thermoplastic resin.
n the past, material with a honeycomb structure was only used in cutting-edge industries owing to its poor productivity. However, with the advent of TECCELL, such material now has all kinds of applications, and it can contribute to weight reduction and energy saving in all kinds of products.
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