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Specific-Purpose Materials Commercial Use Containers

  • Product Information

We have transparent containers, baskets, bottles and similar products to meet a wide range of customer requirements.

Product Types

Transparent Container

By using transparent containers, you can visually confirm contents, making it easier to manage them.

Large-Size Box

These large-size boxes featuring lockable lids are great for loading onto light vans and trucks.


This basket series has been praised for its mesh design, which offers great drainage. The baskets are ideal for washing small fish or seaweed, and they are great for sorting too.

Eggs and Raw Poultry Baskets

These baskets are ideal for collecting, sorting and transporting, eggs and raw poultry, and displaying them in shop fronts or delivering them to customers.

Commercial-Use Tubs

In terms of both quality and variety, this series has a leading track record in a wide range of industries, from the pickling industry to the fisheries industry.

Clear Cases

These cases are ideal for storing delicacies and marine products.


These bottles promote rationalization in all the distribution processes from the factory to the retail store.

Tama Lorry

Made from high-density polyethylene material, they provide outstanding shock resistance, chemical resistance, and cold resistance.

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