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Specific-Purpose Materials Environmental & Beautification

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These products promote reduction of general waste volume reduction and contribute to effective resource utilization.

Product Types

Bi-cycle Box

These waste containers can hold drink containers and other general waste (bi, pronounced "bee," means "beauty").

Caster Pails

Pails fitted with four wheels for easy handling.


These waste containers are widely used in public facilities, event venues, hospitals, hotels, etc. to hold general waste, empty cans, and PET bottles.

Large-Sized Waste Containers

These waste containers are used in wide variety of settings, including the processing of industrial waste, cullet, sludge, etc.

Collection & Sorting Containers

These collection & sorting containers are useful in waste garbage disposal.

Wonder Box

Wonder boxes can be used to reduce the volume of raw garbage by converting it into compost.

EM Support

This series of garbage disposal containers can be used to reduce the volume of raw garbage in urban areas.

Risu Pails

These pails were developed as specialized containers for infectious medical waste.

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