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Plastic pallets are ideally suited to modern social needs, boasting features such as hygienic surfaces, durability, and slip-prevention.

Product Types

Bio Risu Pallets

These pallets are partially made from plant-derived plastics, which reduce CO2.


These are ideal pallets that boast features such as hygienic surfaces, durability, and slip-prevention.


With their lightweight and safe design, these pallets contribute to efficient logistics and cargo handling operations.


High-strength pallets designed for use in automated warehouses.


These pallets are made from recycled materials, thus contributing to the effective utilization of resources.


Featuring lightweight and high-strength performance as a result of combining different materials and one-piece molding.


These pallets are made from around 95% recycled material and the sides are made from colored material.


Made by integrally molding elastomer (non-slip), these pallets are suitable for loading operations and they demonstrate exceptional non-slip performance.

JCK:Just size

In response to customer demand, we have provided Several size pallet with size differentials of 50mm and 100mm.


Made from 100% recycled materials, these pallets contribute to environmental protection.


These nesting-type export-packaging pallets allow excellent loading efficiency.


Made using low-power forming technology for improved strength.


These pallets feature an all-over mesh structure, which facilitates passage of cold air for freezing warehouse.

Overseas Returnable

When combined with foldable containers, these pallets are ideal for overseas returns.

Product Characteristics

These are plastic pallets and as such they are recyclable. We also produce pallets from recycled materials, thus making a contribution to resource recovery and environmental protection.
With outstanding shock and chemical resistance, these pallets also have a long life, which contributes to a reduction in the total cost of logistics.
The plastic properties mean that you do not have to worry about decay or mold, and being completely washable makes these pallets extremely hygienic. They can be used with peace of mind even in operations where hygiene is critical, including food, pharmaceutical, and precision equipment related operations.
The inclusion of anti-slip protection measures, such as using grommets, facilitates safer and surer work. Also, these pallets do not split or splinter.
Lightweight design makes handling work easier.
The Japan Pallet Association has approved all Risu Pallets.

How to read the Risu Pallet product name display

①Forming Method
Injection (general type)
Injection (lightweight type)
Injection (high-strength type)
Foam (general type)
Foam (high-strength type)
Special forming (general type)
Special forming (high-strength type)
Special forming (Just size type)
Special forming (composite type)
R Reversible model
D Non-reversible model
S Skid type
③Forklift Truck Openings
4 Four-way
2 Two-way
④Length (depth)
⑤Width (breadth)

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