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Drums that are strong, durable, safe, secure, and clean.

Product Characteristics

■UN certification; a guarantee of safe transportation
Having satisfied the international standards for storage containers, Risu drums have received UN certification, which testifies to their outstanding properties. Risu drums are guaranteed safe for the transportation of hazardous goods.
■High level of airtightness
No air leaks, prevents accidents.
■Outstanding chemical resistance
Polyethylene is used as a raw material to provide outstanding chemical resistance and are resistant against acids or alkalis, meaning that you do not have to worry about decay.
■Clean and hygienic container
The containers are hygienic, being formed in a completely sealed state, which makes them ideal for the transport or storage of high purity chemicals for semiconductors.
■ Blow molding prevents residue and enables easy cleaning
Considering strength and safety, they are made by blow molding because there are no seams, this also prevents residue and enables easy cleaning, making them excellent for transportation and storage.
■Easy cargo handling
Risu drums can be handled in the same way as steel drums; they boast exceptional strength and outstanding durability.

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