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The carry carts in this series are ideal for handling operations in the market, warehouse or factory. Friendly to both humans and goods, these carry carts have been designed for multiple purposes and with work efficiency as a priority. There are a range of types to choose from, including carts fitted with handles, flat carts, and size ondemand carts.

Product Types

Bumper Carry Carts

Safe, quiet, and recyclable: These large-size carry carts were developed by integrally molding TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) into the periphery.

Risu Carry Carts

Risu carry carts can withstand the harsh demands of handling operations in the market, warehouse, and factory.

RB Carry Carts

These carry carts are multipurpose and help boost efficiency during handling operations. They feature a bright color scheme and convenience.

RB Joint Carry Carts

These flat carts allow four-way coupling.

RS Carry Carts

These carts facilitate smooth and efficient merchandise transfer. They are a great help in distributing centers and stores!

Angle Carry Carts

The corner components and PVC angles can be combined to create multiple sizes.


A new generation of logistics equipment, adding a significant boost to work operations with their low weight and high storage efficiency.

Aluminum Angle Carry Carts

With all-aluminum frames, which do not rust, these carrying carts are ideal for wet areas. They can be used to store or transport containers, cardboard boxes, etc.

RB Carts

These carts are designed for use in stores and backyards.

Basket Carts

These carts demonstrate great capabilities in delivery operations. The base plates are also made from plastic, making these carts quiet and hygienic.

PX Carts

Made from long-fiber, glass-reinforced thermoplastic resin X sheets, PX Carts deliver astonishing strength and cold resistance.

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