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Logistics & Industrial Materials

Contributing to rationalization and labor savings in all kinds of logistics & industrial operations.

We contribute to improved logistical systems by providing products such as, folding containers, pallets, carry carts, and the high-strength, ultra-lightweight material TECCELL, responding to a variety of needs in a wide range of industries such as, food processing, manufacturing use, agriculture use, distribution materials, logistics materials, and industrial use materials, to help achieve rationalization and optimization.

High-Performance Material TECCELL Series

Lighter & tougher
TECCELL offers limitless possibilities in the logistics field.


Transportation and storage pallets for goods.
These pallets combine features such as hygienic surfaces, durability, slip-prevention, etc. and they also contribute to the preservation of the environment through recycling.

Containers & Boxes

This series of plastic containers can be used in various fields.
Designed to suit a wide range of applications; includes foldable, all-purpose and mesh types.

Logistics Equipment

Our carrying carts are ideal for transporting goods in the market, warehouse, or the factory.
These products are designed to be multi-purpose with work efficiency as a priority. They are user and goods-friendly.

Specific-Purpose Materials

We have many functional products such as tubs and drainage boards.
They can be used in a whole range of scenarios in both commercial and domestic settings.

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