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All-purpose parts boxes that boast outstanding durability and safety. This practical box series can be used in a range of fields.

Product Types


Based on an exclusive design, these boxes provide easy handling grips and a bottom flange.


Suited to 1100x1100 and 1200x1000 pallets, this product is a leading player when it comes to rationalizing pallet transportation.


These industrial-use containers help improve efficiency in operations related to production lines, transport, shipping, sorting, storage, etc


Lightweight containers that can be used as interconnecting modular containers.


These containers were developed for use in automated warehouses. The notches on the body allow inner partitions to be set. Barcode labels can also be attached.


Various types of container are available.


These containers effectively rationalize container management. They are based on standards that reflect an overall grasp of logistics management.


These containers are designed for palletized systems and automated loading lines


A nesting & stacking box series, provides excellent performance for the large-scale transportation of industrial components.

Long Size

These containers can accommodate long size articles from, L: 1100mm to L: 2200mm, that a one piece molded container cannot.

Fish Box

A series of fish boxes ideally suited to transportation and storage operations from unloading the catch through to seafood processing.

Lids for Parts Boxes

A range of lids to fit a variety of different container types, are available.

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