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The definitive product for achieving rationalization in logistics! When empty, these boxes only take up a quarter of the space.
Foldable containers have a host of advantages, not least of which is improved logistical efficiency.

Product Characteristics

The products do not take up transport/storage space. When empty, only take up a quarter of the space.
Can be stacked efficiently on 1100x1100 size type pallets.
Simple assembly and folding means they are easy for anyone to use.
Can be stacked when built up or folded.
Card slot (one-touch type) can be attached to the short side.
These containers have several embossed surface for sticking labels such as barcode.
Lids are also available.

Product Types


There are two types, CB (no lid) and CF (lid included), and a range of capacities and sizes.

Container with Hatch

Containers with hatches can be used for a variety of purposes, including product display, storage, and tidying.


Leading the 21st century pursuit of extreme thinness, a foldable container that substitutes for cardboard.


Lightweight and thin, these containers can be stacked securely.

RS(Retail Support)

These washable folding containers have outstanding breathability.

Lids for Foldable Containers

A range of lids to fit a variety of different container types, are available.

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