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Industrial Components

When the user has an "ideal," we take on the mission of technical innovation.

Our motto is to remain a manufacturing company that creates industry-leading products. Under this motto, we cater to a wide range of requirements, from proposals on materials and molding, through after-service care.

Forming Technology

Thanks to our high technical skill based on an exhaustive knowledge of plastics and our state-of-the-art equipment, we have a plethora of forming technologies and facilities with which we serve a wide-range of needs.

Technical Information

Application Examples

Automobile Components

We make proposals regarding automobile part molds, material selection, and forming technique, and take on the manufacturing operations. We handle cowl parts, two-color formed sheet parts, and engine compartment parts.

Residential Facility Components

As part of our efforts to enhance home life, we handle bathrooms and restrooms, focusing on using different insert materials to achieve a comfortable living space.

Office Equipment Components

We aim to manufacture quality office products that help enhance the office environment making it more conducive to comfortable working. To this end, we principally handle office chair components based on gas injection molding and engineering plastics.

Home Electronics & Office Automation Equipment Components

Changes in form and function are quick to occur in the office industry, reflecting the pace of IT development. Against this backdrop, we provide products made from flame retardant materials and engineering plastics, focusing in particular on printer housings and functional parts, using gas-injection molding.

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